Submitting Sequences

Competitors must email their sequences, in OpenAero .seq L/R format, to Please attach the .seq file to your email; do not copy-paste the sequence string from the OpenAero screen.

Please use the following naming convention for your FU proposals:  ProgramSequence#Country

USA Sequence 1 example:    Prog2Seq1USA

After reviewing each sequence for compliance with CIVA rules, WAAC staff will attach it to the bottom of this page.

Required Figures

The figures will be selected after the prior programme is completed.

Figures, Approved Sequences & Pilot Selections

Sequence "O" was incorrectly loaded to the website.  The correct sequence is in the file list below.  The sequence on the table in the main tent has been corrected as well.



Attachment Size
Figure Submission Plan V3 230923.pdf (592.87 KB) 592.87 KB
Jury Approved Programme 2 Figures.jpg (4.16 MB) 4.16 MB
Deadlines as of 231024.png (67.5 KB) 67.5 KB
Advanced Programme2 Final.seq (7.43 KB) 7.43 KB
Advanced Programme2 Final.pdf (94.97 KB) 94.97 KB
WAAC23_programme_2_sequences_2.pdf (2.22 MB) 2.22 MB
O BRA Programme 2.pdf (257.64 KB) 257.64 KB
A LTU Programme2.seq (9.2 KB) 9.2 KB
B LTU Programme2.seq (9.4 KB) 9.4 KB
C RSA Programme2.seq (8.33 KB) 8.33 KB
D Watson Programme2.seq (9.29 KB) 9.29 KB
E AUS Programme2.seq (8.69 KB) 8.69 KB
F Magon Programme2.seq (9.29 KB) 9.29 KB
G GBR Programme2.seq (9.08 KB) 9.08 KB
H GBR Programme2.seq (9.03 KB) 9.03 KB
I CAN Programme2 Seq I.seq (8.98 KB) 8.98 KB
J ROU Programme2 V2.seq (9.22 KB) 9.22 KB
K FRA Programme2 V1.seq (9.24 KB) 9.24 KB
L FRA Programme2 V2.seq (9.57 KB) 9.57 KB
M USA Programme2 V2.seq (9.36 KB) 9.36 KB
N USA Programme2 V1.seq (9.26 KB) 9.26 KB
O BRA Programme 2.seq (9.41 KB) 9.41 KB
P Oshinuga Programme2.seq (9.09 KB) 9.09 KB
Q Volkova Programme2.seq (9.67 KB) 9.67 KB
R JPN Programme2.seq (9.58 KB) 9.58 KB
S IRL Programme2.seq (9.32 KB) 9.32 KB
T ROU Programme2 V2 was U.seq (9.24 KB) 9.24 KB